Sparrow Dance Company seeks to provide a positive, uplifting atmosphere for dancers of all ages, walks of life, and skill levels to learn multiple forms of dance and creative expression.  Students will have the chance to learn to whatever extent they desire, with as many experiences and performance opportunities as they choose to participate in.  All classes will include dance vocabulary, technique, and preparation for chosen genre and will include team building and one on one time.


Teaching a variety of this genre, we concentrate on classical, modern, and theatrical ballet with technical roots.  Dancers will learn multiple forms simultaneously as well as extensive ballet vocabulary, barre etiquette, and stretching and strengthening techniques.  Experienced dancers will have the opportunity to dance en pointe as they advance.


SDC offers Jazz classes for intermediate and advanced levels.  Jazz classes vary in style with opportunities to learn upbeat, theatrical numbers as well as innovative, urban street jazz.  All jazz students will be apart of conditioning and stretching and have jumps and turns taught to them as part of their jazz education.


Jazz and hip hop techniques are taught in a high energy environment and incorporate jumps, turns, kicks, and upbeat choreography.  Pom routines consist of sharp, upbeat, technical movements by each class member and the team as a whole.


Intermediate and advanced dancers will have the opportunity to expound upon their knowledge and ability in classes specifically taught to better them in the genre of their choice.  Students will be challenged artistically and technically as they improve in all aspects of their style.


With roots in ballet, SDC offers contemporary dance for older, more experienced dancers who wish to further expand their knowledge of styles and dance capabilities.


Combining both ballet, contemporary, and jazz techniques, lyrical classes are offered for intermediate and advanced levels.  Including conditioning, stretching, jumps, and turns as part of all lyrical classes, dancers will learn a variety of choreography styles and concepts.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is incorporated into multiple SDC genres to give students a chance to experience dance in larger than life way.  Classical Broadway style numbers are taught, as well as takes on modern music and events.

Private Lessons

Private classes are offered for all age groups and levels.  Private instruction is scheduled by students and can focus on one or more of the following:  Class routines and choreography, strengthening and conditioning, technique, barre, center, across the floor, etc.


We seek for students to learn both traditional and innovative forms of choreography and styles of tap.  Dancers will learn terminology, musicality, and intricate footwork that benefits them in all other forms of dance.

Hip Hop

Offered for all levels, SDC hip hop consists of upbeat, fun choreography and transitions to intricate, syncopated choreography as dancers progress.  Hip Hop students will receive strengthening and conditioning as part of their training.

Intro to Dance

Starting at ages 2, students will be apart of creative movement, learn basic ballet and tap skills, and dance vocabulary.  Students will receive an understanding of dance, become well rounded at a young age, and learn the skills to help them as they enter our intermediate levels, all while having fun and making friends!

We look forward to having you be apart of our studio and can’t wait for you to experience what we have to offer at Sparrow Dance Company!

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Sparrow Dance Company

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